Raise the Curtain
Music, Theatre, Cinema, Discussion...
Bild-Werk-Frauenau organises a great variety of cultural and educational events in and around Frauenau, which take place throughout the year. Around forty concerts from pop to jazz, from rock to classical alongside cabaret and theatre, readings, arthouse film evenings, dance and lively celebrations all take their place in the annual programme of events. In addition, lectures and discussion evenings pick up on issues of current interest and provide a forum for, amongst other things, discussions about art or the German Czech border region, past and present.
The success and the special flair of the events are a result of the integration of local potential with national and international impulses. The programme of events is put together by a committed working group which always welcomes new ideas and collaboration.
The Venue for the majority of events is the "Gasthaus Gistl" in Frauenau, near the Academy building, "Tom´s Hall". It is here that local cultural initiatives and the International Academy, "Bild-Werk Frauenau" compliment and inspire each other.
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