Bild-Werk-Frauenau is an international forum for Culture, Art and Education, A stage for Music, and fantasy, And a border situated international meeting point situated in the Bavarian Forest in Germany.
Glass art is at the centre of the courses at the International Summer Academy and the Bild-Werk Frauenau workshops. Alongside glass courses, painting, printing, ceramic sculpture, wood and bronze, mixed media, installation, film, theatre and voice workshops have been offered over the years. The Academy attracts artists and art enthusiasts from many countries in Europe as well as from overseas.
For those interested in culture and entertainment in Frauenau and the surrounding area, Bild-Werk-Frauenau organises a programme of concerts, cabaret performances, theatre, lectures, discussions and much more, covering the whole year. Most of these events take place in the Gasthaus Gistl in Frauenau. (see Raise the Curtain!).
The initiative BLAU-kRauT is a forum for creative work, bringing together people with and without handicap. Painting sessions, exhibitions, Art Action Days and many social activities are offered.
If you personally, or as part of a group, are interested in renting out Bild-Werk-Frauenau workshop or studio space, do not hesitate to contact us, we"ll be happy to advise you. You can also book creative seminars with us, tailored to your individual needs. (see Renting)
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