Organisation and Conditions
Information and Conditions Bild-Werk Frauenau e.V. International Summer Academy

All the courses are open for participants aged from 18 years.

For the duration of the courses the Bild-Werk studios and workshops are open all day as well as in the evenings. In some courses, such as hot glass, a working schedule is, however, necessary for technical reasons. The schedule for each individual course will be determined by the course leader, together with the group. Formal teaching takes place in the core time between 9 or 10 a.m. and 5 or 6 p.m. All studios remain open at weekends, in the long courses there is usually no formal teaching over the weekend.

Hot shop courses
In addition to demonstrations the teachers and TAs make work teams where each student has access to the furnace as well as assisting fellow students in turn at the blowpipe. Because of the need to rest teachers and TAs as well as to batch the furnace work times at the furnace are limited. In addition in the courses of 17 days work at weekends is at the discretion of the teacher, and usually the TAs have their blowing time then. Students can usually work in the cold shop at other times.

Coming together
In addition to the course work various related events are offered (e.g. evening illustrated lectures, life drawing, music and shared meals). Social get-togethers are also an important part of life at Bild-Werk.

German and English will, as far as possible, be the languages of communication at the Summer Academy. However, not all tutors are fluent in English, but there is always a way of co-operating with translation in the classes.

Fees and Materials
Charging for course materials in addition to the course fees varies from studio to studio. All painting and drawing materials can be purchased at the Bild-Werk shop which offers a good range of art materials and equipment. In some courses a basic supply of materials is included in the course fee, and only once this provision is used will there be a charge for additional material. Bronze, wood, stone, glass colours etc are charged as used. Please contact Bild-Werk with specific questions. Accommodation and meals are not included in course fees.

There is a reduction for students and unemployed of 20%. There is also a reduction of 25 € for members of Bild-Werk Frauenau e.V. for one course per year.

Bild-Werk Frauenau does not accept any liability for damage or accidents within and outside the courses. All participants take part in the health and safety instructions concerning their course and use all machines and tools according to the employees and instructors of Bild-Werk. Please understand that we cannot take liability for children in the studios and workshops.

Use of chain saws
The use of chain saws in the wood sculpture courses is only allowed with protective clothing and equipment and by persons who have completed a training in working with chain saws. Exceptions can be made if the teacher is assiting and if the teacher considers someone to be able. With consideration for other classes the use of chain saws has to be limited to fixed times during the day.

Please respect the needs of the Bild-Werk community! There will be an open day on August 14th when prospective participants and current participants‘ friends and relations are very welcome. However, in the interest of the course participants we ask you to limit visits to this day. All visitors at other times should please make contact with the staff of Bild-Werk. For reasons of safety dogs are not allowed into studios except for guide dogs.

Please complete an application form and return it by post or by fax. You can also scan it and send it via email. With your application you accept the conditions and rules of Bild-Werk Frauenau. You will receive written confirmation of your place on a course and upon receipt of this confirmation we would ask that you send us a reservation fee of 30% of the course fee. The balance of fees must be paid at the latest two weeks before the course.

Cancellation of Applications
Please send us a written cancellation if you cannot attend your course. In this case the reservation fee is non-returnable. If you cancel on a short notice of less than 10 days before the start of the course you will be charged half of the total course fee. In case that there is no written cancellation, or that you participate in only a part of the course, you will be charged the complete course fee.

Cancellation of Courses
Should a course not attain the minimum number of applications Bild-Werk reserves the right to cancel at short notice. In this case all paid course fees are returned. Any further claims are excluded. Please consider by reserving your accommodation that cancellation at short notice could be possible.

Travelling to Frauenau
Frauenau is located in south-eastern Germany, near the Czech border. Travel by train is via Plattling and Zwiesel or, from eastern direction, via Železná Ruda. The nearest airports are Munich, Nurenberg, Prague and Linz. From Munich airport, you reach Frauenau easily by train via shuttle bus to Freising train station (don’t go to Munich Hauptbahnhof).

Frauenau offers a variety of accommodation possibilities in Hotels or B&Bs in different price categories (please notice also the adverts in this brochure).
Tourist Information Frauenau
Am Museumspark 1
D – 94258 Frauenau
Tel.: + 49 (0)9926 / 9410-0

During the period of the Summer Academy a limited number of places for camping are available at Bild-Werk for a fee of, depending on the course length, 60 € or 30 € per person per session. There is an additional charge for camper caravans as well as for electricity. Washing and laundry facilities are available.

Kitchen facilities
Kitchen facilities in the academy buildings can be used by all course members.
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