International Summer Academy : Late Summer Extra  2017-09-02 - 2017-09-09
Course 34
Candy Verney
Voice and Choir: Sing it Out
Course starts: 2017-09-02 10:00 am 
Course ends: 2017-09-09 7:00 pm 
Course fee: 390 EUR
Candy Verney Voice and Choir: Sing it Out
During this week we shall go on a musical journey together, learning songs from many different countries, doing voice work and playing musical games. We shall experiment with different ways of exploring the songs, so as to bring out their richness and essence. Donít be surprised if you find yourself stamping out a rhythm, working out a harmony part in a small group, or making up a riff to go with a song. We shall leave the classroom to sing in many different places and spaces in the surrounding landscape of the Bavarian and Bohemian Forests. Whether you are an experienced singer, wanting to experience a different way of choral singing, or whether you are a beginner, this course is for you. All songs will be taught by ear, you donít need to read music.

Candy Verney (b. 1953 Farnham, UK) has developed her own unique approach to music making. She has a particular interest in the link between landscape and the music, language and culture that has evolved from it. Candy has extensive experience in teaching mixed ability groups in varied situations, including businesses, hospitals, nurseries, and schools. The Trowbridge Song Project collected stories of migration and songs from 32 different countries, and we will draw on these songs in our week in Frauenau. Candy Verney lives as a freelance music teacher and choir leader in the South-West of England and in the area of Donegal, Ireland.
Additional information: 20% discount for students
Place: Tom's Hall, Moosaustr. 18a, 94258 Frauenau ...on the map
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