International Summer Academy : Summer Academy Session B, short courses 1  2017-08-02 - 2017-08-09
Course 25
David Johnson
Classical Painting: A Playful Adventure in Light and Colour.
Course starts: 2017-08-02 10:00 am 
Course ends: 2017-08-09 7:00 pm 
Course fee: 420 EUR
David Johnson Classical Painting: A Playful Adventure in Light and Colour.
We shall set out on a painting adventure, exploring a variety of techniques and methods for applying paint, including alternatives to brushes. We will study and play with colour, light, textures and alternative perspectives, allowing for the development of individual creative expression. The course is taught through demonstrations and one-to-one tuition. We will be painting with fast drying oil paints both indoors and outdoors, with an emphasis on painting outside 'en plain air', weather permitting of course. If the weather does not allow us to paint outside then we can explore both portraiture and still life in the studio. This course is suitable for both novice and experienced painters. You may wish to bring your own painting materials or purchase them from Bild-Werk.
David Johnson (b. 1975 West Midlands UK) has been drawing and painting throughout his entire life. His style has developed through many years of experience working in professional fine art studios - designing and producing artwork for hotels, restaurants, commercial spaces, public areas and private estates worldwide. He is an independent freelance artist who enjoys spending some of his time teaching art classes, painting workshops and demonstrations throughout Europe. His work frequently stops viewers in their tracks as it so effectively captures the magic of the natural world that surrounds us.
Additional information: Both short courses (25 and 28) can also be booked together as a single long course with a continuous programme.
Reduced course fee for enrolment in both
20% discount for students
Place: Tom's Hall, Moosaustr. 18a, 94258 Frauenau ...on the map
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