International Summer Academy : Summer Academy Session B  2017-08-02 - 2017-08-18
Course 24
John Moran & James Labold
Interdisciplinary Special: Hot Glass: Form and Freeform: From Concept to Completion
Course starts: 2017-08-02 10:00 am 
Course ends: 2017-08-18 10:00 pm 
Course fee: 1295 EUR
John Moran & James Labold Interdisciplinary Special: Hot Glass: Form and Freeform: From Concept to Completion
Interdisciplinary Hot Glass SpeciaL 2017

With a concept and project oriented approach, the course will explore artistic hot glass working, incorporating other media and sculptural approaches. The emphasis of the course will be on sculpture in and with hot glass. Based in several studios, the course will be led by two experienced artists and teachers. Furthermore, participants will develop their individual projects assisted by skilled glassblowers and technicians and by ongoing group discussion. The course emphasis is on the conceptual development and a step-by-step realisation of individual project ideas. The course is open to all students with artistic understanding, no previous hot glass practice being required. However, students with good glassblowing experience may stretch and extend their skills in this field. The course cannot offer basic hot glass teaching.

James Labold and John Moran
Form and Freeform: From Concept to Sculptural Completion

Exploring traditional and innovative ways of mould making and advanced hot glass techniques as relating to specific conceptual goals, technique will be viewed purely as a means to an end and mixed media will play a central role. The class will work in two fields, modelling and hot mould work with James Labold and free-sculpting of hot glass with John Moran.
We shall create wax positives and use the lost wax technique to create blown glass objects with a high level of detail typically only found in cast glass. We will make moulds in rubber or silicone from small objects and from our wax or clay models and accumulate a library of objects as a collection of moulds, from which we create sculptural assemblages in wax as a base for our final plaster blowing moulds. In addition, original forms can be built from cardboard, fabric and found objects, which we shall cast in plaster and then burn them out of such moulds.
In the hot shop we shall explore combining plaster mould blown pieces and free-sculpted glass elements. Central to the course are the crossovers between mould making and free-form sculpting, requiring students to work together from both sides and support each other. We shall explore mixed media approaches to finishing and assembling our blown glass pieces.
Students will be encouraged to bring ideas or issues they wish to address, also drawings, objects, and inspiration.
James Labold (b. 1980 Bucks County, USA) studied Fine Art at Temple University, USA, and received his Masters in Art and Glass from Ball State University, USA. Labold’s imaginative glass and mixed media work looks at images emerging in everyday surroundings and explores connections to patriotism, nationalism, and mythology in sculptures and installations. He is an experienced teacher and has been awarded many artists residencies and grants. James Labold was selected for the Glass Art Society's 2016 Saxe Emerging Artist Award.

John Moran (b. 1979 USA) received his Bachelor of Fine Art from Temple University and his Masters in Fine Art from Illinois State University, USA. A series of one man exhibitions have established him as an innovative glass artist, reflecting his concerns for politics, philosophy and human social behaviour. In recent years he has been the recipient of many awards, residencies, and grants. John is working and living in Belgium.
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