International Summer Academy : Summer Academy Session B  2017-08-02 - 2017-08-18
Course 21
Anne Petters
Frit de verre - Hot Printing on Glass
Course starts: 2017-08-02 10:00 am 
Course ends: 2017-08-18 10:00 pm 
Course fee: 850 EUR
Anne Petters Frit de verre - Hot Printing on Glass
In this course we shall explore a specific kiln forming and pte de verre process, based on the principles of intaglio printing. We shall create objects and installations around the themes of imitation and illusion, paying particular attention to the aesthetic qualities and sculptural possibilities of this process.
Using a variety of mould-making materials (plaster-silica, sand, fiber frax, gelflex and wax) our technique allows us to obtain a direct transfer of drawings, hand written text and structures from a mould onto glass. We shall treat this as a printing process and create flat moulds as printing plates onto which we fuse glass frit and powders.
From there we will go into three dimensions by manipulating the glass during the firing (free shaping, wrapping) as well as using different slumping methods. We will use glass frit made in the hot shop in combination with glass blowing powders. An introduction on how to make glass frit will be included in the course.
All levels welcome. Please bring drawings, stories, anything inspiring to class.

Anne Petters (b. 1978 Dresden, Germany) received a diploma in Fine Arts from the Institute for Ceramics and Glass Art in Hhr-Grenzhausen/Germany, and a MFA from Alfred University, NY. Using glass and other materials, including natural phenomena, in a poetic and metaphoric way, Anne works and teaches internationally, currently at the City and Guilds of London Art School
Additional information: 20% discount for students
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