Bild-Werk is about co-operation: - no matter if it is about connecting the centres of glass and culture in Frauenau and around, or, for example, the institutions of the International Studio Glass Movement – Bild-Werk is a lively forum for shared projects and creative exchange across all boundaries.

A special emphasis has from the beginning been on cross-border co-operation with Czech and Eastern European friends and partners. With cultural events concerning Czech-German relationships or glass art Bild-Werk continues the old, border-crossing traditions of the glass makers. In 2003 Bild-Werk Frauenau was awarded the Prize of "Good Neighbourand Understanding" by the regional Green Parties of both countries

In Germany, as well as in many Eastern and Western European countries Bild-Werks Frauenau pursues co-operations with glass schools and art colleges. Within these co-operations students are, via scholarship programs, enabled to participate in the Bild-Werk Summer Academy.
The "Hot Glass Project" in cooperation with the University of Pilsen

Since the beginning Bild-Werk Frauenau set value on international exchange. Following up this tradition we have at the moment a cooperation with the University of Pilsen, funded and supported by the EU programme INTERREG IV/Ziel3. Further funds come from Kulturfonds Bayern, the Bavarian Sparkassenstiftung, and the governments of Lower Bavaria, of the district of Regen and of the municipality of Frauenau, the Sparkasse Regen-Viechtach, and Erwin-und-Gretel-Eisch-Stiftung and also private sponsors.

The "Hot Glass Project", a co-operation between the Institute for Art Education at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen and Bild-Werk Frauenau, has been underway since 1 December 2012 -- under the full title, “Hot Glass Project: The Establishment of a Hot Glass Studio as a Networking and Innovation Platform for Bavarian-Czech Cooperation”.

The co-operation functions on a number of levels, from the opening of an efficient hot glass studio with a glass oven to covering personnel costs. It will be supported as a pilot project for three years, but is intended to be permanent. The opening of the new hot glass studio in the Academy’s “Gaswerk” building - which we inaugurated in a traditional Ceremony in July 2013 - lies at the heart of the project. It will provide a platform for:
  • workshops for Pilsen students training to become teachers, designed to provide stimuli for introducing glass as an artistic medium and communicating the history of glass as a cultural good that transcends borders
  • Academy courses for channelling innovation and international impulses
  • events, such as the "open glass makers' stage", that encourage the preservation and exchange of traditional skills
  • activity days for schools, during which glass and associated, regional traditions will be profiled
Regional Partners
Culture and Glass over the Borders
  • Dominik Bimann School, Prague - Harrachov
  • Železnorudský klub Železná Ruda / Eisensteiner Club (since 1998)
  • Unie pro dobré sousedství Cesky a Nemecky hovorících zemí
  • Ajeto Glassworks, Lindava, CZ
Partners in the International Studio Glass Movement
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